Expressions idiomatiques

Traduisez "Chercher la petite bête" :
A) It rains cats and dogs
B) To search the little animal
C) To be overcritical

Traduisez "A vol d'oiseau" :
A) Like a fly
B) As the crow flies
C) Just as a bird fly

Traduisez "Etre sourd comme un pot" :
A) To not ear anyting
B) To be blind as a wingglider
C) To be deaf as a post

Traduisez "Revenons à nos moutons" :
A) Let's get back on track
B) Let's wake up
C) Hey ! come on !

Traduisez "Poser un lapin à quelqu'un" :
A) To put a rabbit
B) To stand someone up
C) To make him waiting

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