Quizz-9 : test à trous

My bag... stolen !
A) Is beeing
B) Is
C) Has been

I want to make... with the doctor, please.
A) A meeting
B) An appointment
C) A meet

I slept really badly... night.
A) This
B) Next
C) Last

My room is really... !
A) Noisy
B) Loud
C) Banging

Our train was late. It didnÂ't leave... time.
A) In
B) At
C) On

Could you... that please?
A) Say again
B) Repeat
C) Repeating

Where are you... ?
A) From
B) Coming from
C) Of

Why... ?
A) You are laughing
B) You laugh
C) Are you laughing

What... yesterday ?
A) Did you do
B) You did
C) Have you done

What... (for a living)?
A) Do you make
B) Are you doing
C) Are you making

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