Quizz-10 : test à trous

Have you ever... to France?
A) Gone
B) Go
C) Been

I would like... with you.
A) Dancing
B) To dance
C) That I dance

We... three days ago.
A) Are arriving
B) Have arrived
C) Arrived

I... at the weekend.
A) Often work
B) Am often working
C) Am working often

I... the South of France.
A) Live at
B) Am coming from
C) Come from

Look at those clouds! I think it... rain
A) Goes
B) 's going to
C) 's

How big is your... ?
A) Company
B) Society
C) Industry


What are you doing... Saturday?
A) On
B) At
C) To

I'm sorry, I won't... come.
A) Can to
B) Be able to
C) Can

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